The Exam

The Global Regents Examination

The New York State Global Regents Examination consists of three main parts with Part ΙΙΙ divided into two parts A and B.

Part Ι – contains 50 multiple choice questions

Part ΙΙ – contains one thematic essay question

Part ΙΙΙ A – contains document based questions (DBQ)

Part ΙΙΙ B – contains one essay question based on the documents

[There are a total of 2 Essays in the Global History Exam]


Sample Layout of the Jan 2015 Exam

Part I from the January 2015 Regents Exam

Part 1 of Exam


Part II of the January 2015 Regents Exam

Part 2 of Exam


Part III of the January 2015 Regents Exam

The first page features the second essay question which is followed by Part III A the document based questions (DBQ), after which the essay question is repeated in Part III B.

– The second essay is featured first so you can think about it while reading the documents in Part III A, so when you get to Part III B (the essay) you can have an easier time writing it.

Part 3.1

Part A

3A 3A.2


Part B